DSRC Initiatives

DSRC initiatives for both dry and wet direct-seeded rice

  • Mechanization of farming operations, including crop establishment and harvest

  • Use of most suitable inbred and hybrid rice cultivars

  • Seed treatment solutions

  • Refining seed rates for both inbred and hybrid rice cultivars

  • More efficient water management, including drip irrigation systems

  • Optimizing nutrient management

  • Integrated pest management, including weeds

  • Application of GIS and drone technology for precision management

  • Minimizing post-harvest losses

Seed treatments

Iron-coated rice for "Water Seeding"

Land preparation

Laser land leveling for dry direct seeding

Crop establishment

Drum seeder for wet direct seeding

Mechanized seeder for dry direct seeding

Tractor-mounted seeder for dry direct seeding


Drip Irrigation for dry direct seeding


Fertilizer broadcasting via drone

Pesticide broadcasting via drone