Direct Seeded Rice Consortium

Partnerships for the future of rice production

The Direct Seeded Rice Consortium (DSRC) is a public-private multi-stakeholder research for development platform on direct seeded rice (DSR), convened by the International Rice Research Institute in 2017 and with members across Asia and the Pacific.

DSRC is a collaborative effort of public and private organizations to improve the environmental and socioeconomic sustainability of rice production systems by developing and optimizing innovations, practices, and methodologies to facilitate wide-scale adoption of mechanized and precise DSR in Asia and Africa.


  • Improve the environmental and socioeconomic sustainability of rice production systems in Asia and Africa by developing comprehensive, science-based agronomic packages adapted to drivers of agricultural change

  • Catalyze widespread adoption of improved mechanized and precise DSR practices through public and private partnerships


  • Develop robust mechanized DSR systems with low seeding rates to enable farmers to use high-quality inbred or hybrids in DSR systems

  • Develop precise weed, water, and nutrient management practices including ICT-based decision tools

  • Reduce risks by combining agronomic and breeding solutions, crop modeling, and GIS approaches by proper targeting

  • Identify elite varieties suited for DSR

  • Assess the long-term performance of DSR-based systems for long-term sustainability

  • Support and strengthen the service economy of scaleable mechanization and precision agriculture technologies (e.g. an unmanned aerial vehicle/drone technologies)

  • Promote capacity development and knowledge sharing

  • Catalyze widespread adoption of mechanized and precise DSR

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